Who Are We? Experience

Design by alleen is a small freelance web design group looking to stand out in a world devoted to interconnectivity. From page design and coding, Array, to graphical and media design-we have you covered. If you're a business or individual looking to make your presence on the web, if you need to get your site up on search engine ranks, or even if you just want a new design for your website or social networking page-it's our specialty.

Individually, we have five or more years of experience in web and graphical design. we've been there for every new internet breakthrough. Learning and teaching from middle school through college, we've been a part of this new information age. Although we've had abundant institutional education in both graphical and web design, the majority of our expertise comes from personal projects-as it does for most designers. Just like an artist-we were given our core understanding-but making our own work is what truly makes us shine.

Influence Work Ethic

Many designers rely almost entirely on Flash-based websites because it can easily produce attractive, dynamic websites. However, these websites come at a cost-bandwidth. Ask anyone who browses the web, they want it faster, faster, faster. We steer clear of Flash for this reason. The combination of CSS, XHTML, PHP and JavaScript can produce dynamics comparable if not equivalant to Flash-so why not use it? Smaller file sizes and a well-coded structure means quicker load times. One huge influence on our design is CSS Zen Garden. A project where a given XHTML file is manipulated by designers all over the world with only CSS. Check it out, and imagine what dynamics can be achieved with PHP and minimal JavaScript.

You might not be the most adept internet user-that's why we're here. Don't expect us to deliver the same design template, or appearance that you've seen everyday-expect something unique, clean, professional, and most importantly-fitting to your needs. One of the most important and overlooked aspects in web design is communication with the client. These days, webpages have nearly infinite design posibilities, that's why working with the client is crucial. From standout phrases to color schemes, design to content, only you know what makes your business tick. So we'll work with you and make sure it's portrayed online exactly the way it should.